5 Tips for Travel Nursing Contract Extensions

As a travel nurse, assuming that you are still having fun, you should continue to secure travel nursing jobs on an ongoing basis. One of the easiest jobs to secure is the extension assignment. An extension assignment basically is when you extend your present contract for an extra number of weeks. Naturally, if you do not sign an extension, you should look for a new job. In this article, we will give you five tips for travel nursing contracts extensions.

1) Travel nursing contract extensions are easier for all

There are many vital variables to consider when dealing with travel nursing extension contracts. First, extensions are very easy for not only you but also the travel nursing company. You are already in the place, so there will be no more trips involved. You will know your way through the city so you do not have to waste time investigating.

You have already all your document in order, so you will not have to go through the incorporation process once more. And you are oriented, thus you will not have to go through that again.

2) Companies usually have lower expenditures on contract extensions

The next important variable to consider with respect to travel nursing contracts extension is that the agency will probably avoid the costs incurred in the general contract. Additionally, it is very likely that the invoice rate is the same for the extension contract as for the general contract.

This cannot be factual if the first contract was provided at a crisis rate and the extension is provided at the lowest standard rate, but that is not the case. Therefore, when you discuss a contract extension you must be doing so with the acceptance that it is not impossible to get more money as the agency is incurring lower costs.

3) The Company does not always have more money for contract extensions

It is essential to keep in mind that it is possible that a company cannot pay you extra money for the extension for many reasons. First of all, you may have been offered a large amount in the general contract to accept it in the hope that it can be extended and match things in the extension.

Second, the company may have bonds and other enhances already incorporated into its extension contracts. When they do, it is fair to think that the cost savings explained above are being used to offer bonuses and salary increases. Click here.

4) Check with the competent travel nursing agencies for the extension

If you intend to get the best offer and need to take an astute approach, you can look for other companies that can provide the extension. It is essential to keep in mind that sometimes your contract will have a non-compete clause. These clauses usually prevent you from working in a similar hospital through another agency for a specific period of time. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that these clauses are not enforceable in several states.

5) The time frames of the travel nursing contract extension can be more flexible

It is pretty common for contract extensions to be more flexible with respect to the duration of the contract. There are many reasons for this. First, as you are already oriented and accustomed to the unit, the hospital identifies that 100% of your time is productive. In addition, they know that attracting new people is more expensive, so they would like to keep people with experience in the calendar for longer periods if they have a need.

Your agency is also more flexible with respect to the duration of travel nursing extension contracts. Once again, the procedure is so easier for them. Therefore, it is common to be able to spread through an unorthodox number of weeks, such as 5, 6, 7 or 10 weeks. For more details, visit: https://travelertalk.org/lifestyle/5-minute-meditations-on-the-go/

6 Tips to Cope with Travel Nurse Stress

Travel nursing can be a vastly stressful factor for any individual. Nurses are under constant stress from shift pattern changes to the amount of work they are tasked with each and every day and travel nurses are the same. However, being able to cope with stress can be a vital part of the job simply so you don’t burn out within a few short months.

Have a Good Night’s Rest

One of the most important elements to cope with stress as a travel nurse is to have a decent night’s rest. A good sleep can absolutely allow you to start your day right and take away the previous day’s stress as well. Lots of nurses don’t get enough sleep and start off stressed and the stress only piles up. Instead of this, you need to ensure you get a good rest and start the day off fresh. It will help.

Try Not To Get Too Emotionally Attached To Patients

Nurses stress out at the condition of their patients. Being emotionally involved with a patient can be good on a personal level because it shows there is another side to you rather than just being a nurse. When you are emotionally attached to a patient and something happens to them, it can stress you out. As a travel nursing you have to try and find a way to be involved with patients but not become so emotionally involved that you stress out about how they are to be treated. If you get too emotionally involved with every patient you will burn out.

Find A Way to Relieve Your Stress from Work

You need to find a good release for your stresses. For example, do spend most of your time at work? Maybe it would be best to take some time away so that you can release the stress in a more productive manner. Far too many nurses don’t do this and it causes a lot of trouble. Being a travel nurse is stressful and keeping the stress in is never good. You have to find a way to relieve your stress.

Avoid Binge Eat, Eat Good Foods

Sometimes you can stress out when you eat the wrong foods. Remember, when you snack on junk food your body can crave them more and if you have long periods between your breaks your body can get cranky and stressed. Sometimes you are best eating foods which are filling and can avoid you craving such as high sugar content foods but rather eat more fiber and protein foods. These things matter and travel nursing might be less stressful when you right good foods.

Drink Plenty Water and Stay Hydrated

It’s important to keep your body strong and healthy so that you can feel better at work. If your body get’s dehydrated it can make you feel all sorts and that can lead you to becoming stressed. You have to instead look at keeping your body happy and content. You need to drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you are hydrated. Sometimes this will help to keep the stresses away from your day as a travel nurse.

Find a Hobby That Takes You Outside Of Work

Let’s be honest, travel nursing is stressful but it can be sometimes made more stressful when you are constantly at work and have nothing to take your mind off it. You might want to look at hobbies that take you away from work even for a few hours per week. It could be mountain biking, walking, going to the gym or just watching movies or listening to music. Try to find a hobby to take your mind off work and you can release some of the stress too.

De-Stress and Be a Good Nurse

When you are stressed out, you are good to no one. Patients don’t need a stressed out nurse at their sides and let’s be honest, mistakes can happen. If you want to be a good nurse, you have to find ways to de-stress so that you can feel happier at work and be a productive worker as well. Being a travel nurse can be wonderful but you do have to find ways to be less stressed. Be a good travel nurse and de-stress to allow you to continue with the work you enjoy and love.…